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JC Jane Travel Diary is also known as herjcjane.com, a travel blog that surfacing the existing travel destination and the unexplored beautiful place with potential to become top tourist attraction here in the Philippines. The original concept of this blog was started to document the growth of little JC Jane. However, as time goes by, the concept was change and herjcjane.com evolve into a travel blog that loves to learn, collaborate and create.

Hi, I am Jesson Balaoing an individual with the passion in photography, farming, fishing, traveling, cryptocurrency and a human being behind herjcjane.com stories. I was raise in small farm located in the quint town of Camiling, Tarlac. In my younger years I learned how to plant and take care fruit bearing trees, vegetables, and raise an animals in my father's farm. The farm land comes with fishpond, animal pens, rice field, vegetables garden, and fruit orchards.

Back in 2000, I used to travel solo on foot around Central Luzon and Pangasinan island and national park. Until today, as a training officer my job requires me to travel around the Philippines and even outside the country every week. Truly, traveling is my life. With this blog, I will try to documents all the beautiful place I've been.

Who is JC Jane?
JC Jane is my daughter where domain name herjcjane.com came from. The photo above is JC Jane and her mom.

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