Kalye Unligrill: Cheapest unli buffet yet food taste was good!

Kalye Unligrill is one of the best grill experience and the cheapest unli-buffet I had. Staff are all good and friendly, service are very responsive, fast, and polite. For the selection of food to grill there are plenty of it on the table. Cool air-con and not that smoky compare for what I've read over the internet! Maybe that's before but now there were more improve.  

With my personal experience, they can compete well with Yakimix (the one in Jupiter Street my favorite place and Dads Saisaki(at 2nd Level of Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati). I will rate kalye unligrill Good! The food taste was Okay!

Where is Kalye Unligrill?
Kalye Unligrill is located at Umbria Commercial Center San Antonio Biñan Laguna, right behind Jollibee and adjacent to  Pavillion Mall.

What to do in Kalye Unligrill?
These place is know for its wide variety of street foods choices. So the best thing to do in this place it to cooked your own choice of food and eat.

Kalye Unligrill: Cheap Eat All You Can Rate

Grill all you can rate:
  • Weekday Lunch = Php 388.00
  • Weekday Dinner = Php 428.00
  • Weekends/Holidays = Php 428.00
  • Children Buffet 3-4ft = Php 248.00
  • Kids Below 3ft  = Php 0.00
  • Leftover Charge Php 388.00 

Photo of Kalye Unligrill: The Cheapest Eat All you Can


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