Tinipak river rock formation: Wonderful place for summer and post summer escapade

Tinipak river is know to be the best camping spot close to the Metrocity. The rock formation is a result of the dissolution of limestone over the millennia. Situated at the foot of Mt. Daraitan in Tanay province of Rizal.

The only things this place will offer was a spectacular river sight with turquoise water floored with magnifecient limestone rocks. The torrent of a flowing water bump against the rock was the only sound you heard. On the other hand, the dark hollowed caves of centuries may offer the view of an old stalagmite and stalactite formation. While the time has pass a beautiful orange hue painting in the sky over the luscious trees of Mt. Mamara is the sun's way to say thank you and goodbye. 

Tinipak River was such a wonderful place to traverse going up and down the Mt. Daraitan and a perfect place for summer and post summer escapade to enjoy the panoramic view of lush greenery, Sierra Madre mountain range, and bonding with nature.

Tinipak river rock formation Gallery:

Going to the place is very challenging especially with beginers. The road is rough and bumpy when entering the vicinity of Brgy. Daraitan.


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