San Antonio Beach of Tinambac: Unexploited and total wilderness! "Rapak Beach"

Aside from the beautiful white beach of Caloco, Municipality of Tinambac has more to offer, a sparkling waters of virgin beach in San Antonio, the "Rapak Beach". Instead of fine sand, San Antonio beach "Rapak Beach" shoreline is made of solid lime rock dotted with some fine sand. It's lush greenery and pristine water is a rich diversity of flora and fauna. 

The area is totally unexploited, no cottage, no comfort rooms, and no fresh water bath. San Antonio beach "Rapak Beach" is a total wilderness. So it's a wise choice to bring everything you need such as fresh water, drinking water, foods, tents, and all other stuff of surviving. 

This was perhaps one of the quietest and cleanest beach with minimum wave action. The landscape is so vivid, expansive picturesque, secluded, perfect for camping, extreme activities, and anyone who wants a good place to watch the sunset. Water is clear and the atmosphere is nice. Time spent here would always remain a cherished memory.

"Rapak Beach" San Antonio Beach of Tinambac Gallery:


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