Canding River and Waterfall: Calming birds singing

Canding waterfall is another natural attraction in the province of Tarlac, situated in Brgy. Maasin town of San Clemente. The place is perfect for trekking adventure and swimming.

And if you are looking for an outrageous fun, try to catch some eel, because this is an ideal fishing ground for them.

Going to the waterfall is quite challenging, you need to traversed the calm Canding river through the huge bolder of rock, bushes, and towering trees. The only sound you hear is the whisper of the wind to the tree, and birds singing. Truly, the place is calming.  

The water is clear and cooled perfect combination to fight back the warm summer.

Going to Canding waterfall
If you want to visit the place, coordinate first to the Municipality of San Clemente information desk and they will happily help you get in the place.

 Short trek jumpoff point in Brgy. Maasin, San Clemente.

Canding River and Waterfall Gallery:


  1. The place is not develop yet, it promises to be a good spring resort in the future.


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