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Vicky's Resort in Bulacan : First covered pool in Catache, Bustos, Bulacan

Vicky's Resort of Bulacan is a newly developed indoor swimming. Situated in Purok 1, Catache, Bustos, Bulacan. If you want to dip to a freshwater pool to fight back the heat of summer but have a fear of skin damaged, fear no more! Vicky's Resort in Bulacan comes with a covered or we can label it as the first covered pool in Catache, Bustos, Bulacan. And unlike your usual pool, chlorine level is relatively low, so fear of dry hair no more.
Imagine your in the middle of rice field, rice is green what feeling's do you imagine? Or the rice turning golden yellow and birds are singing, what experience do you was that? Truly very relaxing and calming! The same vicky's covered resort that lies in the middle of the rice field. Aside from the relaxation and tranquil moment, the air you breath is fresh and cool. 
Vicky's Resort of Bulacan offers two indoor swimming pools which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Both covered swimming pool has a depth perfect for kids and adu…

Camp Pulong Gubat Wave Pool Resort in Cuenca Batangas update December 2018

Camp pulong gubat is the newest wave-pool resort in Cuenca Batangas! The swimming pools were nice and clean that comes with water slides, life-size dinosaur theme park view, clean cottages and friendly staff. Perfect for the whole family to beat the heat of the summer and to enjoy some priceless memory. The kids surely love it! The exact address where you can find them is at Emmanuel Cuenca Batangas. Add this place to your must travel list!

The place is dotted with beautiful patch of grass and palm trees that provides natural shade for the guest. While lavish distant view of greenery and mountain offer's a calming feeling to one's eye.

For more information. Please call camp pulong gubat wave pool resort @ contact numbers:
Globe No. 0917-3197838
Smart No. 0939-916-7879
Landline No. 043-7840284

Camp Pulong Gubat Wavepool resort soft opening was made last April 28, 2017.
Daytour: 8:00am-5:30pm
Night swimming: 3:00pm-11pm

Daytime Entrance fee: (8:00AM - 5:00PM)
ADULT: P200.00