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Revised Mt. Ulap Entrance Fees effective on January 21, 2017

Subject: Revised Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail Fees

Body: Consistent to the Section 5 of the Barangay Ordinance No. 2, S. 2016 or the amended ordinance entitled " An Ordinance declaring the Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge as Barangay Agritourism Ecotourism Site of Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet, thereby regulating its use and prescribing the collection fees, the following shall be the amended fees to be collected from our local / foreign tourists effective on January 21, 2017.
A. Registration Fee / Tourism Ecological Fee (Day Hike / Camping)
Local / Foreign Tourist / Excursionist xxx xxx Students (Above 18 years old) ---- Php 50.00
B. Camping Site Fee Group of ten (10) people and below ----- Php 800.00
C. Travel Guide Fee Day Hike - Php 600.00 Camping - Php 1000.00 Note: One (1) local guide only for a maximum group of seven (7) individuals
D. Porter Fee Day Hike - Php 500.00 Camping  - Php 800.00 (Maximum load is 20 kg per porter)
See the letter below: Memorandum No. 1-017 Series of 2017

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Timmaguyyob Falls, Sitio Dueg, San Clemente, Tarlac

A 15 meter high Timmaguyyob Waterfall, is one of the famous and well know natural attraction in the province of Tarlac. Located at Sitio Dueg, Barangay Maasin in the Municipality of San Clemente.

Upon approach you will be greet by a blue-green mountain view and a green rice field, sometimes it turns golden that full of rice grain waiting to be harvest. 

The good journey begin to the waterfall but it is not that easy as you think, terrain was quite steep and rough who meant that it was only passable to certain types of vehicle. Vehicle that is not off road capable such as van, sedan cars will be park 3 1/2 kilometers away from the waterfall next stop.

The trail going uphill natural shade is provided by mother nature, thanks to the towering trees standing tall at the mountain side, lush vegetation with wild pineapples and bamboo tree. Majestic and breath taking view of greens, touch of the fresh cool air and the melody of birds singing gives you a feeling of being free.  However, the p…

Kwebang Lampas at the White Sand Beach of Pagbilao Quezon

Puting Buhangin (White Sand) beach is place you really enjoy the sun, swimming on a clear water and walking on it's fine white sand.
Along is the Kwebang Lampas were you need to cross meters away from the shorline, a rocky four feet deep saltwater to get into the cave opening. The only thing Kwebang Lampas has to offer to her visitor is a chilling temperature, perfect to chill your beverage.

Upon approach, coconut trees and two giant chimney of Pagbilao Power Plant first to greet the wanderer.
 It also stand as landmark were you can tell your near. But as you get closer and closer to the shoreline, chimney evanescent in sight.

On the beach, number tents pitched along the shore, score of people hanging out  children, adult all are enjoying the gift of clear water.
Creepy Experience at Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas.

We love to experience something creepy and out of this world stuff. And the Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas has it's own version of super natural thing.


8 Stunning photo from Heaven's Gate

Tianmen Mountain, at Zhangjiajie City, in central China’s Hunan Province, 999 steps to Heaven's gate! It is also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Views including Heaven's Gate, and the stunning vertical cliffs that truly, will take your breath away. 
It was China's first national forest park covering 4,810 hectares recognized in 1982. And it's officially recognize as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.
Visitor Area is 2,300 feet above sea level at 10 square kilometers land mass on the mountain top. Common activity for tourist are hiking, cable car riding, and viewing the amazing 8K view of nature.
High altitude can also be a problem for people with cardiopulmonary disease. Before you climb to Tianmen Mountain, it's important to know how the condition can effect your health. 

If there is any doubt you should be assessed before traveling to determine whether your condition is likely to worsen significantly during climbing.
Study shows that as long as …