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Native Delicacies Tourist Attractions and Travel Destinations of Camiling, Tarlac

I was invited to attend a wedding ceremony of one my friend in Camiling, Tarlac this coming Sunday. And I was wondering about what delicacy Camiling, Tarlac can be offer for me. I was looking for a good "PASALUBONG" for relative in Metro Manila that makes them feel special once they received and a kind of peasant food that I never tasted before from other towns.

Based on my research from the internet and asking my friend who is from Camiling, born and grow in that town. He give me a list of delicious delicacy that is according to him is a specialty of Camiling. It is known for its native delicacies such as, Chicharon Camiling (also known as Bagnet) and rice cakes such as Tupig, Iniruban, and Tupig. While pakbet and inabraw are the staple food for Camilineous or a peasant food of Camiling Chicharon Camiling(Bagnet) Chicharon Camiling is also called as bagnet by nonlocals. Chicharon Camiling is a stewed pork belly in salt and deep fried till gets a golden brown color. Cut it i…

Skyworth the only TV brand trusted by Peurto de San Juan Resort Hotel!

Peurto de San Juan Resort Hotel is one of the best hotel in San Juan and an all year round travel destination that accommodates solo travelers, families, and large groups. Situated in San Juan in the province of La Union, a nearest surf spot from Metro Manila specially during the months of October to April.
Activities around the area during the day are surfing, beach volleyball, or a dip in fresh water pool. While billiards, board games, and dart during the night.
Aside from the outdoor activities, the hotel will truly makes you experience the laid back ambiance of fully-equipped rooms and relaxing massage in the comfort of your suite. Also, you can enjoy touring around there spacious grounds and a chapel visit. While the Bar & Grill Restaurant will surely fill you up with satisfying meals and snacks.
TV that trusted by San Juan Hotel and Resort. The one that caught my attention was the huge TV in the reception area, a Skyworth 55E2000 that play vivid video and clear images of the…

Calinawan Cave: History rich destination near Metro Manila!

Update: 11/29/2018 Calinawan cave is one of the most interesting, promising and history rich destination near Metro Manila. A serene place that situated at Rawang Hills, Brgy. Tandang Kutyo, Tanay in the province of Rizal. 
During the Spanish Colonial Era from 1521 to 1898, Calinawan Cave became a shelter of the Katipuneros where they made a plot against the Spanish forces. It also serve as a headquarters of the second military area of the Philippine Revolutionary Government under General Emilio Aguinaldo who fought valiantly during the Revolution against Spain
During the World War 2, the cave was served as the Guerrilla base for 'Marking's Fil-American Guerrillas when the Philippines fell to the hands of the Japanese from 1942 to 1945.
Today, it was vandalized by a local and foreign movie and television directors and producers. They filming scenes of fantasy shows and decorating the cave with some crystal effect resulting to the glitters on the cave walls left behind.

Goshen Resort and Hotel ATV Extreme Adventure and Rates

We live the marvelous world that's full of extreme adventure, charm and beauty. There is a never ending adventures that we can have, even in the most unexpected location.
In Bamban, province of Tarlac, Goshen Resort and Hotel a European inspire theme park has come to offers the ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) adventure for the first time. The ride is exciting and extreme traversing stunning view of greenery and dusty terrain of lahar affected areas.
Truly, these is a wonderful volcanic debris adventure that you won't regret to try and experience. Buckle up, hold tight and enjoy the ride. Conquer, the mud, rocks and river current.
The vehicle for this extreme adventure is fully automatic all-terrain-vehicles (ATV), means its a gas and go. Virtually no prior experience on riding ATVs is required. A 5 to 10 minutes practice ride is all what it takes for the first timer to get used to the ignition, throttle, brakes and direction. Since it is four wheeled, even non-bicycle riders can ha…