Goshen Resort and Hotel ATV Extreme Adventure and Rates

We live the marvelous world that's full of extreme adventure, charm and beauty. There is a never ending adventures that we can have, even in the most unexpected location.

In the province of Tarlac, Goshen Resort and Hotel a European inspire theme park has come to offers the ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) adventure for the first time in Bamban, Tarlac. An exciting and extreme ride traversing stunning view of greenery and dusty terrain of lahar affected areas in Tarlac.

Truly, these is a wonderful adventure that you won't regret to try and experience the volcanic sand. Lets enjoy the ride, buckle up, hold tight and don't drop. Lets rock, mud, rocks and river crossing ahead.

The vehicle is fully automatic means its a gas and go, all terrain vehicles (ATV) are now available for this extreme adventure. Virtually no prior experience on riding ATVs is required. A 5 to 10 minutes practice ride is all what it takes for the first timer to get used to the ignition, throttle, brakes and direction. Since it is four wheeled, even non-bicycle riders can have a go at it.

Prepare for a 3-hour ride full of dust and ashes that will leave you with an exhilarating Goshen experience!

Goshen Resort and Hotel ATV Extreme Adventure Rates:
  • Php 1,000 - 30 minutes ATV Ride.
  • Php 3,000 - 2 to 3 hours of ATV adventure
  • Php 5,000 - 5 hours longest ATV adventure traversing the Hot Spring
The rate is bit pricey  compare to Bicol ​ATV Adventure and Laoag Sand Dunes.

Goshen ATV Extreme Adventure, Bamban, Tarlac

A photo of happy folks preparing for one of the most extreme adventure of their life.

Happy adventurous people waving on ATV...